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This video explains the structure of the earth and its components.  

This video explains digital sculpting and how it can help you to learn 3d modelling!  

Mosaic is one of the most interesting and creative forms of arts. This video explains the type of mosaics, forms etc.  

Learning how your camera actually works will help you to take control of your camera and take better pictures. Topic covered in this video:- Camera learning Exposure triangle: Aperture, ISO, and Shutter speed Rule of third Golden hour Camera angles Camera shots: wide shot, long shot, full shot, mid-shot, close-up shot.  

Learn to draw a one-point perspective drawing in an easy way. This video will guide you to make a long corridor using the perspective technique.  

This video explains the fill and stroke window in Inkscape. Topics covered:- fill and stroke options RGB CMYK HSL colour wheel CMS stroke style in Inkscape  

In this video, rocks are explained in detail. topics covered:- types of rocks. formation of rocks. different types of rocks. uses of rocks. importance of rocks on earth.  

In this video, the term “Graphic Design” is explained in detail. Topics that include: What is graphic design? Where do we see a graphic design? Who make graphic designs? How graphic design is all around us? Which are the software used by the graphic designers? Best open source/ free software for the graphic designer?  

The mind map has always been a powerful way of learning and understanding things faster. Here is the video of showing mind map techniques and use of it.  

This tutorial is all about learning all the tools in Inkscape. All the tools are explained practically.