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Key people

Key people

In the early roles of human civilization, today’s era was beyond imagination. One of the main reasons for this might be that there were not so many resources. There may have been talking of changes, but lack of resources and not getting any concrete content would also be a major reason. But in this creative era, when we have become very dependent on resources and technology, the definition of change seems somewhat relevant.

I believe that the change of any kind, social, educational, cultural or materialistic, can’t be done by a single person. For every kind of change, good leadership, good team, and a strong framework will be needed. Without all these, changes cannot be imagined and are even irrelevant.

  The main objective of the Akrisht Foundation is to make people aware of social change, provide good education, health and culture, in which new technologies, along with resources are included. Let us all together make this campaign successful, see it as a new era, and become its witness.

Mukul naithani

Founder president.

AKRISHT FOUNDATION was started to serve people who were not able to live the life which they desire to live. We are not- profitable organization taking all the positive steps in the betterment for the people. As the world is ready to have the revolution in the education sector, we are one of the trailblazers to take one step forward to make changes in education by designing our new curriculum which followed by the new way of learning through intense activity-based learning.

We believe that the purpose of quality education is not just to run behind for achieving good marks, education is something to create an environment where learning is consistent for self-awareness. AKRISHT FOUNDATION taking an initiative to help students to learn in a better way by conducting the MOTION TRAIL LEARNING Programme. With all these things keeping in mind Akrisht Foundation trying to build a new and comfortable environment which will give us all a warmth of home where we all work as a family.

Our vision is to simulate a basic way of learning into a practical base by creating and giving importance to out of the box learning platforms which will be high on our agenda. Together we must strive for an environment that will work for the progress of humanity, which will encourage all of us to enjoy and discover diverse experiences of life and evoke our senses to live our passion and make it a better world.

Tarun Singh

Executive Director.