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Purpose of our lives…

Purpose of our lives…

We, humans, we all have different qualities, habits, desires, aims and different ways to achieve them. But few things are very common among all of us; one of those is that we are heading aimlessly towards the way others are showing us. We are floating like a rudderless ship in an endless sea searching for a lighthouse somewhere. The only reason to get that lighthouse is to keep ourselves away from those rocky surges. Until we get that lighthouse we don’t know where we are heading towards. That lighthouse is not our actual aim but a place or situation to get ourselves away from the problems we would face to get the end of the sea. Deep inside we know that we can drive that ship but we are afraid to lose control and that is why we are not serving as a captain but waiting for someone to come and drive us away.

We try to set a frame for everyone, for everything, we want everyone to get fit on that frame about life, love, relationships, rules, regulations but we never keep ourselves on that frame to check whether we are fit for that or not. The day we will keep ourselves on that frame we will stop criticizing others. People who study others are wise but those who study themselves are enlightened, And those who are enlightened know what they want out of life, emotionally, physically, materially. They clearly defined priorities and goals in life. They know the value of life, time and people they meet.

Conclusion of the above two phrases is, that if we can manage to work for our aim despite thinking about other’s business, we can achieve it more easily and in a more enthusiastic way. We need to know the purpose of our lives and what we are meant to be. We need to spend our lives for a purpose that would be beneficial for us, for the country and for the globe.

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